Dissensus Conference on Urology: from evidence to clinical practice



Dissensus Conference on Urology: from evidence to clinical practice

Hotel Hilton Giardini Naxos

19-21 Maggio 2016 Giardini Naxos (Me)


The conference will focus on the main controversies in Urology and will be enhanced by the participation of National and International opinion leaders on the importance of urological pathologies.

I tried to give an interactive cut to the conference dealing with some of the most debated topics of urology to be submitted to the audience hoping to stimulate reflections and opinions.

For this purpose every section of the congress will face a topic of clear interest that will be presented by a first speaker who will expose the subject matter in its entirety. After this exposition, the audience will give a first opinion via an interactive vote. Immediately after, two speakers will express their own opinion related to the topic and each one will try to support their point of view based on literature, data and personal experiences. After the “dissensus contest” the audience will express again their opinion with another interactive vote. The new vote could highlight a change of the general opinion that will stimulate discussion.

I hope that this interactive way of presenting the urological topics will encourage relevant observations, enquires and the most original and pertinent of which will be acknowledged at the end of the congress with the “Awards for the best questions”.